Monday, April 30, 2012


This past weekend was a very quiet one for us. Not many errands to run. Not many chores to do around the house. It was much needed and a welcomed change.

Saturday we woke up early, realized that we had nothing to eat in the house and ran to McDonald's to grab coffee and some hotcakes. I'm secretly addicted to their hotcakes, so they're a special treat. Then we stopped over at Nick's Parent's house to give them a chance to see Evelyn and drop something off. Evelyn cried when Nick's mom tried to hold her, like usual, but this time it didn't take her long to calm down and then she was fine.

After that we ran home. Evelyn took a nap and Nick and I did laundry together while intermittently playing video games in the basement. That's one of the things we like to do together. Nick has always been a big gamer. Me, not so much, but I enjoy them. That's one way we connect with each other without having to work at having a conversation. It's nice to just turn off your mind and spend time doing something together.

When Evelyn woke up we made a quick run to the grocery store. Evelyn needed baby food and like I said we didn't have much around the house. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting some stuff together for having a couple of friends over after Evelyn went to bed.

Five of our friends, whom we hadn't seen in forever, came over around 9 to do a bonfire in our fire pit in the backyard. It was a relaxing night, thankfully not too cold. I ate too many s'mores, but oh well.

We stayed up way past our bed time though so it was hard getting out of bed in the morning. So instead of going to 1st service at church like we usually do, we went to 2nd. We were late at that! Which is very unlike us. But Evelyn was napping and I couldn't bear to wake her up just yet.

The rest of Sunday was spent hanging-out together at home not really getting much done. We dreamt about how we are going to make a bedroom for us in the basement with a big walk in closet. And how that would open up a big room upstairs for more kids/foster kids. We played more videos games and ordered pizza for dinner.

Our weekend was a very quiet one. Nothing exciting or very noteworthy. I wouldn't change that though. I needed a quiet weekend.
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  1. hey Liza. Sounds relaxing and s'mores..i mean that makes any weekend good.;) We went to the later service this weekend too. just couldn't make it for the early one.