Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Carpet in our Bedroom,
Why, oh why do you smell so badly? All that happened was a glass of water got spilled on you. How come it smells like animal feces? The baking soda helped a lot, but you still don't smell back to normal. Please stop stinking! 

Dear Nick,
We haven't had the best of weeks. It's a hard adjustment having you not home till 6pm now after getting used to you being home at 4pm. It doesn't help that Evelyn is teething again. I know that this job is where God wants you, but it's still gonna take me awhile to adjust. 

Dear Evelyn,
I'm not a fan of this teething thing. It makes you not take your naps and fussy while you're up. Please push this tooth out fast so that next week while Daddy is at work I don't have to deal with the teething. Remember I still love you even when I'm grouchy.

Dear Change,
I'm not a fan of you. Never have been. I know that change is part of life. It's a part of life I'm really, really bad at. All I can do is pray about it. But you could help out by not coming around anymore. Ok, I know that's unrealistic. Maybe just stay away for a little while? It would be much appreciated. 


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  1. Change is inevitable, but that doesn't mean we have to like it. Good luck hanging on through the teething phase!

  2. Aww I could hear and feel your hurting heart here...take heart and persevere...James 1:2-5 (my LIFE verse)

    and hmmm, what advice can i give you about stinky carpet....


  3. Change is always challenging but it can be good too! I hope the baby's teething phase is over soon. Have you tried a teething necklace? I worked in a daycare and they seemed to work wonders.