Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rockin' & Rollin'

So my little one, Evelyn, is coming up on being 6 months next week. Well that being said she has become quite mobile in the last couple of months. It was honestly like a light switch. One day day she wasn't really rolling around and the next day she was rolling and scooting all over the place and getting into everything!

These are some of the silly places she has gotten herself into in the last week.

This was last Monday. Daddy was outside mowing and I was checking e-mails. I head Evelyn starting to fuss, but I thought it was just because she was done being on the floor. I turn around and I see her completely tangled and stuck underneath one of the chairs in the living room. I like any other mother didn't get her out right away. Instead I ran for the camera so I could show Nick when he came in. 

Nick made fun of me and made mention of something we saw on Pinterest the night before. It was a sign that said "In case of fire, Exit building BEFORE tweeting about it." I told him that if it had been a real emergency I would of course taken care of the baby before thinking about a picture. 

This happened Wednesday night. Evelyn was playing on the floor. She grabbed the edge of the blanket and rolled over while holding on to it, which led to her face being covered. We of course didn't help her out this time either, we just watched to see what would happen. 

Well as you can see what happened was that she continued to roll around till pretty much her whole body was covered! Shortly after I took this picture I helped her escape, because she was getting frustrated. See I'm not that mean! 

Well Evelyn didn't make it into the basket herself, but it's pretty cute none the less. I was putting away laundry and instead of dealing with her "helping" I let her sit in the basket. It kept her occupied long enough for me to get most of our laundry put away, which is saying a lot! 

I also caught her playing with the curtains in the living room Wednesday during the day, but I only took a picture with my phone so I have no way of showing you. 

While I must say I'm happy she can get around by herself, I'm kind sad she's growing so fast. I have the ability to actually accomplish things now, but I'm starting to get a taste of her not needing me anymore.

I'm really striving to take advantage of everyday while she's little and be cherishing her as a baby. It's hard sometimes, but I'm trying. 


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