Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stuck In Bed

So I'm not feeling the best. I started to not feel that great Thursday morning. I work up with a sore throat and tried to ignore it. Then it turned into a stuffy nose that made it hard to sleep Thursday night.

Friday morning I was starting to feel better. Still stuffy, but I didn't "feel" sick. I'm afraid I over exerted myself though. For one thing I stressed myself out by driving to Omaha with Briana to shop. I really don't like driving in Omaha. The people drive too fast and follow too closely and I don't know the city well enough to feel comfortable. We shopped from 11:30-3:30 and it was tons of fun. I only had an hour at home with my husband to eat dinner and get ready to go to First Fridays downtown. (First Fridays is when on the first Friday of ever month all of the art studios and galleries in downtown Lincoln are open to the public. It's a lot of fun) First we started at our friend Spenser's showing at the UNL student union. Then we made our way to our friend's studio opening.

That is when we should have called it a night, but we didn't. Instead we went to our friend Trevor's 21st birthday party. We only went out with them till midnight. But honestly I was starting to feel sick again by 10:30. We got home went straight to bed and I knew that waking up the next morning was gonna stink.

I got up for work yesterday morning at 7:30. Leaving me about 45 minutes to pull myself together. I barely made it through work. I tried to be energetic and excited, but honestly I was only thinking about getting off work, going home, crawling into bed and cuddling up with Nick's laptop.

So that is what I did all afternoon yesterday. I'm still here now. At least today I feel like I have a bit more energy then yesterday. I can also breath better than yesterday. I'm just hoping I feel much better by the time I have to be to work tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No More Wrinkly Hands

Since last Thursday I have been washing dishes by hand. Our ancient dishwasher which hadn't been working well for the last few months finally decided to die on us. Which though an inconvenience was kind of a positive thing, because it meant we had to get a new one now instead of waiting.

Our Sad Broken Dishwaher

Wasn't it a beaut! Circa 1989, ha.

So last Saturday we drove up to Omaha to Nebraska Furniture Mart. We first looked at a few places here in Lincoln, but we knew we could find something cheaper there. Also it was an excuse to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I've never been there, but always wanted to. It's huge! But anyways. We looked and the one we got was actually the 2nd one we saw. It was being discontinued so it was quite a bit on sale. Plus it was stainless steel which is what I wanted.

Nick started the install process Monday night while I was at work. But he didn't get very far, because getting the old dishwasher out was more of an ordeal then he anticipated. And he needed a part. So for another day I had to wash dishes by hand. This time though I had to boil what because our hot water was turned off to the sink! It wasn't that bad though. It felt like I was camping.

The Hole.

All of the dishes I washed with water I boiled on the stove. It took awhile.

Last night Nick was able to install the new dishwasher. His dad dropped off the part he needed in the afternoon so Nick had everything he needed. It took him awhile, but he finally got it. So now there is no more washing dishes by hand. Except for my nice pots that is.

Here it is. All new and shiny.

I think it looks great!

I know I said I wasn't going to post on Wednesday, but because of this crazy storm we've had here in the Midwest I didn't have to nanny today. But I still have to teach gymnastics so I'm off to get ready.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scratch That...

Well upon examining my cupboards I have come to realize I won't be baking. I'm completely out of brown sugar and quite low on both flour and white sugar. Well darn I guess the baking will have to wait till I can get to the store Thursday.

Snow, Snow, Snow

It's quite snowy outside and that's probably an understatement. After braving the roads last night for the first night of gymnastics I was glad that today I would get to just stay at home.

Today is one of those kind of days where you want to just wrap up in a blanket, read a good book and sip hot coffee all day. Unfortunately today and Thursday are my only days this week to get any house work done. And since I have errands to run Thursday today becomes my day to clean and pick up.

When it snows like this I wish I still had the hopeful eagerness I had as a child whenever it would snow. Because even though I was home schooled if public school got a snow day my mom would usually let me get by not doing as much schoolwork so that I could play with my friends. So every time there was the least bit chance for snow I would pray for a snow day.

Snow days always meant hanging-out with my best friend Caitlin (We're still best friends to this day). Her family had a fire place so on snow days the fire was always going. We'd play in the snow then come inside and sip hot cocoa in front of the fire. Lots of times we got to bake something or make snow ice cream. Caitlin's mom usually made us help her with some chores everyone once and awhile, but mostly we just got the day to play.

Now snow days just mean that I'm stuck at home so I should use my time wisely. The only thing similar to my childhood snow days is that I still love to bake when it's snowy outside. Something about having a home filled with the smell of yummy baked things on a snowy days just seems right.

I'm off to do that now. Dust then bake!