Monday, April 9, 2012


So I have been working on this post almost all day. The internet on our laptop is being weird so I had to transfer everything over to our other computer. It took awhile, but finally I'm getting this up! 

Our Easter was a busy one. We had church and 2 family meals. Which meant very little nap time for Evelyn, but it all ended up being ok. 

We got all dressed up and headed to church at 8:20. We had a wonderful worship service that was backed full. Evelyn did great in the nursery, which is always a blessing.  

Evelyn fell asleep on the way home from church so we just let her nap in her car seat till we had to head to my parents house at 11:30. We had a delicious lunch (Steak, Cheesy Potatoes, Deviled Eggs and Veggies. Yum!) with my parents, my grandpa, my sister, my brother-in-law and my niece Drew. After lunch Drew did an Easter egg hunt. I can't wait till next year when Evelyn can participate. 

We hung out at my parents till about 4. Evelyn took a tiny nap somewhere in there. After that we ran home and then headed over to Nick's parents for dinner.

We had a wonderful dinner of all your traditional Easter dinner foods. It was Nick's parents, his sister and his Grandpa. 

It was a great day of celebrating Christ's death & resurrection with our loved ones.

Now for the pictures!  

Evelyn & I all dressed up for church.

Nick & Evelyn before church. Look at that smile! 

Recognize the bunny? It's the one I got from Goodwill!  

Evelyn opening her Easter basket from mommy & daddy. Two new summer outfits!

Nick & I all dressed up for church.

Evelyn wearing my old bonnet and opening her Easter basket from my sister. 

Two little bunnies! 

She loves her cousin Drew. 

Our Little Family 
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  1. Sounds like a lovely day and what beautiful pictures you got!!! Happy Easter!

    1. Happy Easter to you as well!

      I'm glad some of our pictures turned out. Our camera isn't the best and Evelyn doesn't always cooperate. That's why there are about 4 pics of us as a family that I didn't upload, because Evelyn is looking everywhere, but at the camera!

  2. What a sweet family! Evelyn looks just precious all dressed up for Easter!

    1. Thank you! My sister got her that dress back around Thanksgiving. I was going to use it for Christmas, but I'm glad I kept it for Easter.

  3. Love all of the pictures. Sweet little family :)