Monday, April 2, 2012

$1 Days!

So I got super lucky this past weekend and Goodwill $1 days lined up with a drill weekend for my hubby. This means I was totally free to go shopping with my girlies Saturday morning!

If your Goodwill doesn't have $1 days you're missing out. It's when all of the Goodwills around town have all clothing for $0.99, that is unless it's marked with a price. (I have yet to find anything that is.) I don't get to it very often with a baby and all, but it's pretty awesome.

I was in extreme need of some new clothes for my wardrobe. Having a baby will do that. Unfortunately I didn't find much, but the non clothing items I found rock!

My favorite things! I got this cute little bunny to use for Easter decor. He was only $3.99. I'm in love with the glass pan and carrying basket. It's just a vintage 60's feel to it. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it and at only $5.99 I was sold. I bought that glass canister to hold cooking utensils on my counter. At first all the ones I was finding were over $7.99. I wasn't really into that price. As I searched I found this one hidden behind some other stuff and it was only $3.99. Score! 

I never thought to buy books at Goodwill. I don't know why, but I had never looked through them. Well my friend Kelsey was scouring through them most of the time we were there so I decided to have a look myself. I couldn't decided about Gone With The Wind, but the look of it had me. I hadn't heard of the two paper backs, but the descriptions looked promising. I'll let you know how they are when I finally get around to them. 

Here are the few shirts I found. The pink one is an over-sized tunic. I wasn't sure if I really "love" it, but for a dollar I figure I can take it home and  try it out. The red and cream striped sweater is a bit baggy, but I think it will do. The cream sweater is really simple, but that's how I like to dress. 

I'm not usually a navy type of person, but this sweater jumped out at me and once I tried it on I decided I had to have it. It will be cute with a white tank under it. Not sure what I'd wear for pants, but I'll figure out something. 

This was my best clothing find, black jeans that fit and are already the right length for me! Being only 5'2" that's really hard to come by. I almost always have to have second hand pants hemmed. The skirt has tiny white polka-dots, but they are so subtle you can barely tell they are there. It has a nice fit though. It's a pencil skirt that hits me at the knee, isn't too tight, but has a nice stretch to it. I might wear it next weekend for Easter with a colorful tank-top. We'll see. 

I wish I could have found more clothes, but I'm happy with my loot. I'm linking up with Laura@Bits of Splendor  

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  1. AWESOME finds, the books are great. I can't wait until I move back to the States and can go on Goodwill hunts!

    1. I have this obsession with buying books. Unfortunately I don't always get to reading them for a long time. I have bookshelves filled with books yet to be read!

  2. Oh my word! LOOK at your finds! I am in love with all of them!!!

    1. I got super lucky! I think I might have to go digging for things at Goodwill more often.