Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Miss Trouble

So we have a little trouble maker on our hands and her name is Evelyn.

I don't know if I let you all know, but it's official she is crawling! She's been doing it since Thursday night. Nick and I were both lucky enough to see the first time it happened! Now since church this Sunday and hanging-out with all the other crawling babies she's a master. If she wasn't up to no good before, she defiantly is now!

I had talked about her first starting to move around here. Sure she got around then, but she wasn't very fast. Once she'd hit the wood floors or the tile she couldn't move and just got frustrated. Pretty manageable.

Well now it's like when she gets to those wood floors she really starts going! Her little knees are pretty much red 24/7 due to her constant crawling about. She also gets into more trouble than she did when she could only scoot.

For instance, crawling under the lamp. She has this obsession with it. Sometimes she gets herself under there in such a way that she's stuck and can't figure her way out. Most of the time though she uses crawling under the lamp to get to her 2nd place of mischief.

After crawling under the lamp she heads to the rug by the front door. Nick always has a pair of shoes there (we might have to change that) and Evelyn sure loves chewing on shoes. At this point I move her back to her  toys, but then she hightails it right back to that darn lamp. If it wasn't the only source of light in our living room I would just get rid of it, but we don't have any overhead lighting in there. 

I know it will only get worse when she starts pulling herself up on things. That can't be far off since she's gone from barely rolling over to crawling in about 3 weeks. My baby's growing up too fast! I knew babies grew quickly, but I wasn't prepared for this. 

Here is a little video of her in action. She wasn't cooperating so a lot of the video is me trying to coax her to crawl to me. Of course she did it perfectly during the video I tried to take before this one, but my camera didn't capture it somehow. Oh well, enjoy! 

Happy May Day! 



  1. Oh how sweet!! Now I have a massive case of baby fever ;)

  2. I still remember when my son first started crawling. It's amazing what they can get into in just minutes!