Monday, July 26, 2010

Falling Short

I just started a new Bible study a couple of weeks ago on Proverbs 31. It's written by Elizabeth George and it's called "Discovering the Treasures of a Godly Woman".

This study has been a very humbling experience. Realizing what God has said about a Godly Wife and then realize you fall short in many areas is kind of hard to deal with. It at least gives me something to strive for and work towards instead of being stagnant and thinking I'm fine in most areas. I honestly know that I won't ever obtain everything that the woman of Proverbs 31 is. But that doesn't stop me from trying.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Need To Be Thankful

On Saturday Nick and I found out that his mom was finally making plans for us to go to Mexico after Christmas. She had been saying that she wanted to take us and his sister on a vacation, but she wasn't making any plans.

I got super excited at first. I've never been to mexico and I have never been out of the country for a vacation, only missions trips.

Yesterday she sent us a link to the hotel we're gonna be staying at. Upon reading the reviews I was getting really confused as to why she choose this place. I kept reading the reviews this morning and just really didn't even want to go anymore at some points.

Then it hit me. I'm being extremely ungrateful. Instead of looking at the fact that we're getting to travel with his family without having to take on the expenses of the trip I'm nitpicking about what 1/3 of the reviewers that say it's not worth it. I need to just focus on the positive and the fact that we are getting to go and thanking God for the experience.

So goodbye complaining and ungratefulness and hello positivity and thankfulness!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Letting Go

I think I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I need to let go of my ideas of what my birthday should be.

I honestly don't remember the last time my birthday was one that I would consider happy. I know that a lot of that is my own fault for having expectations of how my birthday would go and only being disappointed. But after two years ago being dumped (Even though I knew it was coming and it ended it really well because I met Nick a week later.) on my birthday I've come to realize it's not ever going to be a good day for me.

This year I had no plans for my birthday (Which isn't till August by the way) but I had plans for the weekend following. We were gonna go to a nearby water park with whatever friends were up for coming. Well I hadn't checked the calendar yet and when I did I realized that the weekend I wanted to go was the weekend in August Nick has drill. So I was bummed so I called my best friends and asked if the weekend before the originally planned one would work and they just happen to be out of town that weekend! I'm so terribly bummed that the 2 people besides my husband (and a friend who might still be able to come) I really wanted there can't make it.

So needless to say I'm just resolved to just not ever expect anything from my birthday. Not even that it will go well. Maybe it would just be better if I didn't bother to celebrate it at all. Who knows. I'll try to make the best of it, but it will still end up being a bittersweet day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Six: It's Over

Yesterday was my last day watching Drew. Her parents got back late last night so she spent the night at my parents house.

I took Drew with me in the morning to play with the kids I nanny on Wednesdays. She knows them because my boss works with my sister at a hair salon, so she was super happy to get to play with the kids.

Drew stayed until about 2. That's when my mom came and picked her up.

It was nice to have Drew with me at work, because that way she could play with the 4 year old girl and I only had to monitor them and keep the 2 year old boy happy. Which was a nice break after 5 days of entertaining and watching Drew.

I'm happy to be back at my own home and be spending my time as I would like to. I'm exhausted even though I spent in till 10:30 this morning. I felt so lazy for doing that! I'm honestly even a little happy to have some time to myself this weekend while Nick has drill.

I was happy to get to spend some time with Drew though. Hopefully we'll get to spend time with her again soon!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Five: All Day Just Me And Drew

Today it's just Drew and I.

We went to Panera with my parents and got some breakfast. Then we shopped for awhile. I bought some new shirts and some new swim suit bottoms. I also got Nick some pants and a sweater because they were on sale.

After shopping Drew and I stopped by our house so that I could feed the kitties and get my pictures in their frames. The new frames will look great once we can get them hung.

Now Drew is sleeping and I'm getting things done like cleaning and doing dishes. Since I have to work all day tomorrow I'm trying to get all the stuff picked up today so that Nick and I just have to stop by tomorrow night to get our stuff.

My sister and her husband are getting back tomorrow really late. So Drew is spending the night at my parents so that they won't disturb her when they get home. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night.

We're gonna paint some sun-catchers when Drew wakes up. So I'd better get to finishing cleaning...too bad I'm exhausted!

Here are a couple pictures from painting sun catchers!

Day Four: Exhaustion Sets In

Everyday that we've stayed here with Drew she has been up and ready for the day by 7:30. No matter how late we stay up (some days it's been as late as 11) it's always 7:30. This has led me to being exhausted everyday.

To add on top of watching Drew all day yesterday I had to work from 4:30-8:15 at the Y. Thankfully Nick had the day off so it meant he could help out a lot.

Even though I love Drew dearly I'm ready for these next few days to be over.

On an upside I got new picture frames for Nick and I's bedroom. When I get them hung I'll put some pictures up.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Three: The Foggy Fog

Yesterday was the 4th and we woke up to a cloudy, rainy day. Not so great for fireworks.

We decided not to go to church, because we knew it would be difficult with Drew. Instead we took our time and had a leisurely breakfast of pancakes. Then after Drew had a bath we went over to Nick's Parent's house for lunch.

Drew took a long, long nap that afternoon and Nick and I were very appreciative. We also spent that time napping and reading and just getting to spend sometime alone together. Thankfully after nap time it had stopped raining. So went spent sometime outside watching the neighbors shot fireworks.

Around 5:30 we headed over to my Aunt's house. It was fun to get to see my nieces and nephews from Michigan and other family too. We stayed there till around 10:30 and spent most of the time covering Drew's ears because she didn't like the loud fireworks. And wow we had some loud ones. There were at least 5 M80's!

On the way back home it was so foggy we could barely see! Somehow because of the humidity it was making all of the smoke from the fireworks just stay in the air and cause some major fog. Drew referred to it as "the foggy fog".

Only 2.5 more days left! I'm already exhausted though. Having a kid is tough!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day Two: Missing Mommy And Daddy

Yesterday started out not too bad. Drew woke up around 7:50 and then her mom and dad called to talk. Well she drank a whole cup of water and then we headed to the Farmer's Market to meet my parents while Nick headed to work at the Y. Well when we got to the Farmer's Market I got Drew a chocolate milk. She drank her milk way too fast and filled her tummy up and consequently ended up throwing up her chocolate milk all over my mom. She was fine and never got sick again or even acted sick. But it kinda put a damper on the morning.

After that though we came home and waited for Nick to get off work. Since she wasn't acting sick we went grocery shopping after Nick got back and then went and bought some fireworks. Drew had tons of fun picking stuff out. She tried to get us to buy a big one that cost about $60 and we had to tell her it was way too expensive.

She kept saying some really funny things. For instance she came right up to Nick and said, "Nick, I like your face. Can we take a picture?" I found that absolutely adorable. And then she was singing along with the song "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. She was singing the chorus and said "Hey Soul Sister, I'm a mister." Nick and I both got a kick out of that.

Well after dinner we went to my parents house and watched their neighbors shot off fireworks. Drew even shot off a couple of ours. She was getting tired though so we didn't stay out too late. Tonight will be a late night though. But since her cousins will be there hopefully she'll be in a good mood. We'll see.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day One: Check

Well I survived day one of watch my niece. Things were actually pretty good.

In the morning I went over to my mom's house to pick her up. She had spent the night there cause my sister was leaving so early in the morning that she didn't want Drew to be disturbed by them making noise.

We waited around at my mom's for about 2 hours for my sister's kids from Michigan to show up. It was nice getting to catch up with them. I hadn't seen them in almost a year and they are all getting so old, and tall! Now that the middle one is going into high school, that will mean three of them are in high school. The oldest both being juniors! Man that makes me feel old.

After having lunch with the 5 kids and hanging out we came back to my sister's place so that Drew could take a nap. After Drew's nap we had to take our kitty Izzy to the vet to get some shots so that we could set up a time for her to get fixed. (She's already going into heat so we want to get it done as soon as possible.)

We went swimming after the vet. That totally wore us all out! We then came back to the house and had dinner.

I was surprised putting Drew to sleep actually went fairly well. She only fussed a little and then was super sweet and told us she loved us after we prayed and tucked her in.

Today should be more low key. Resting up for tomorrow and the late night at my Aunt's house! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Time For Fun

I'm getting myself ready for a very hectic weekend/week. Nick and I get to babysit my niece Drew while her parents are vacationing in Cancun. She's such a cutie and at least for now she's super excited to have us spend the night at her house.

On top of that my sister's kids and her husband are coming doing from Michigan for the 4th of July and we're gonna get to spend some time with them. Did I mention that there are 5 of them! So needless to say when we're all together things get loud, quickly!

I'm excited though. Praying I can keep up my energy and that Drew doesn't miss mommy and daddy too much. It should be a great weekend/week though!