Monday, January 31, 2011

The Snow Hasn't Killed Me Yet!

Well I'm still here! It's been absolutely forever since I've really posted regularly or really even since I've posted at all. It's bad weather outside and I'm stuck in the house till gymnastics tonight so I thought I'd catch up a bit.

Here I thought January would be quiet since I didn't have to teach gymnastics at all. Just the opposite. I had one week of working only Wednesday right after we got back from Mexico. But the other woman who nannies the kids I watch Wednesdays had to go out of town to visit her sick father. So I picked up her days. Which meant one week I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then the following week I worked Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes I know it's really not that much more, but I was quite looking forward to getting things done around the house during that time off from gymnastics.

Something exciting did happen that crazy week of nannying a ton. Inspiration finally stuck again after at least a year of being absent. While watching a Barbie Princess movie with the little girl I watch I got an idea for a book. So I began scribbling out an outline and it came very easily. The next day I actually started to write. I was so surprised by how excited I was to keep going. I hadn't been actively writing in so long that I had forgotten the feeling of not wanting to stop because you just wanted to get to the next part of the story. I'm just praying this inspiration and drive to write keeps with me. I'm great at starting books, but I can't tell you how many I've lost drive on and let fall to the wayside.

I'm going to make a point to blog everyday this week except Wednesday. Nick has drill this weekend so that should make it easier since I'll have all weekend alone. Here's to trying!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last Week Sand, This Week Snow

Sorry this will be a long post because there are lots of pictures!

Last week Nick and I went to Mexico with Nick's parents and younger sister. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort called El Cozumeleno Beach Resort. Overall it was a great trip. Getting there we had a few bums in the road, but we never missed a flight and were in Cozumel by about 2 in the afternoon which left a whole afternoon of enjoying the sun.

Nick and I the first day. We headed straight to the beach.

Day 2, we just spent the day on the beach.

This was our set up underneath a thatch umbrella.

We enjoyed sitting sitting on the beach having people bring us drinks. We befriended one of the waitresses. We think her name was Alma she was very nice. She probably enjoyed our tips more than anything, but still it meant great service and strong drinks towards the end. I wish I would have gotten a picture with her, but oh well.

The view from the 2nd floor elevator area.

View of our resort from the pier.

On the third day we were there Nick's dad rented a jeep and drove to the other side of Cozumel Island. On the way we stopped at the San Gervasio Mayan Ruins. It was interesting, but it was towards the end of the day so I was just tired and kind of hot. There were a lot of Iguanas there though so I got a couple pictures.

Nick and I with some ruins behind us.

This tree was growing in the midst of these ruins, right out of the rocks. It looked pretty cool.

The iguanas would come out to sun themselves, but if you got too close they would hurry back into their holes in between the stones of the ruins.

On our 4th day there we took a bike tour to the Marina in the morning. It was kind of hot that day, but it wasn't too far of a ride and it was nice to see the big boats all docked.

Aren't our vests fabulous!?

The view from where we stopped and headed back.

Our last day was pretty laid back. Nick's parents and sister went on a snorkel tour and so we went into San Miguel to do some shopping. We got some good deals on t-shirts and gifts for my niece and the kiddos I nanny. We also found some really cheap Kahlua so we had to get some. After shopping we headed back to the resort to enjoy our last day on the beach relaxing. It was nice to spend one last day doing nothing.

Nick's favorite part of the trip.

We came home to cold weather and then Sunday and Monday it snowed all day. I wish I was back in Cozumel sitting on the beach!

The view out of the dinning room windows.

View from the living room.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I'm so thankful Nick's parents wanted to take us. But it's always nice to be home. Especially since I had started to miss my kitties. The only downside of traveling is the enormous amount of laundry I now I have to do! I'm not a fan of laundry. At least I only work one day this week so I've got plenty of time to do it. Now if only I could get motivated so that I actually start doing it!