Friday, April 12, 2013


Well friends we have made it. Today is Friday and tomorrow is officially the weekend. I do not think I could express the immense happiness I feel that it is indeed the weekend, well almost the weekend. Only a couple more hours till Nick gets home and that's when I consider it officially the weekend.

I don't tend to use this space as a place to air my complaints, but sometimes I just have to vent. This past week (more like weeks) has been vent worthy.

This past weekend was Nick's Guard Drill weekend. Which basically means it's not actually a weekend, because our days stick to pretty much the same schedule as the work week. All in all that's not really a bad thing, but this past weekend Evelyn was getting over a cold. She seemed to be on the mend Saturday though which was good, because I was getting my hair done on Sunday by my sister.

Well I woke up Sunday morning feeling miserable. What I had thought had just been allergies was in actuality me catching the same cold that Evelyn was getting over. Being 7.5 months pregnant and getting a cold while trying to care for an 18 month old is pretty much the most exhausting thing ever.

Thankfully Nick decided that if I still felt miserable on Monday he would stay home and get some things done for me.

Unfortunately when Nick got home from drill on Sunday night he could barely walk. He managed to do something to his back and it was causing him a lot of discomfort. He said he'd done this before and that a good night's sleep should help.

He woke up Monday morning still in a lot of pain and not being able to get around very well. So the day of him staying home to help me out turned into a day of me dropping him at the doctor's office and then mustering up the energy to run to the grocery store, because we were out of food.

The doctor said he was having back spasms and had some muscle strain. He gave him a couple of prescriptions. We're still not sure what actually caused it, but thankfully he seems to be getting better slowly.

Tuesday Nick managed to make it back to work and I had to rally the energy to get myself and Evelyn out the door and over to my mom's. She was going to watch Evelyn for me while I went to the 1st of my weekly non-stress tests at my OB's office. Somehow I made it through that day, but I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 9:30 that night.

The rest of the week was spent getting the most minimal things done around the house with my completely lack of energy. Thankfully I'm not starting to feel better and slowly my energy level is improving. This weekend is going to spent trying to get back on track as far as chores go. I won't even begin to admit how long it's been since I've worn a clean pair of pants, thankfully I've had plenty of underwear!

This next week will be a busy one, but it's all good things. Nick's birthday is on Thursday and then on Saturday we're headed up to Omaha for the night so that we can go to the zoo up there on Sunday. So there are lots of errands to be done next week.

Hopefully you all have had a better week than I have! Have a good weekend friend!