Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
Thank you so much for coming so quickly this week. You will probably fly by too, because my niece Drew is coming over this afternoon. I'm just glad you finally came quickly for once instead of dragging your bum and making me feel like the week would never end. Please keep it up!

Dear Housework,
So I was doing so great keeping up with you. Then yesterday I had to run errands and it completely wiped me out, so I let everything slack. How in one day of not getting much done can you pile up so quickly?! Please send the housework elves my way to clean up while I sleep tonight. It would be much appreciated!

Dear Bestest Gal Pals,
I get to see you tomorrow! Pretty exciting seeing as though our schedules completely don't align most times. It will be nice to spend some time getting coffee with you two. It will also be nice to be away from Evelyn for a little bit.

Dear Evelyn,
Pretend like mommy didn't say that. I love you and I love that I get to stay home all day with you. Sometimes mommy needs a break though. It's not just for her sanity, it's for your well being. Love you baby girl!


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  1. We all need our "me" time as mommy's. Enjoy!

    1. I'm finding that more and more. I fought it so hard at first, because I didn't want to leave my baby. Now though I'm seeing that I need it!

      Hope you had a fabulous weekend!