Monday, May 21, 2012

Sick Baby

This past weekend was kind of a quiet one. About Thursday of last week Evelyn started coughing. It wasn't ever very much or very often. Mostly only while she napped. Then on Friday she got a low fever. She's been teething again though so I didn't really think much of it. All weekend she coughed off and on, but never had a fever besides Friday night. Not sure what's up with her, because she's still coughing some, but it seems to be going away. It's nice to have an extra cuddly baby, but too bad it's because she's sick.

Needless to say we didn't do much this weekend. Mostly we hung around the house and let Evelyn nap as much as she needed to.Both Friday morning and Saturday morning we went to a few garage sales. The neighborhood across the highway from us was having their annual neighborhood sales. We found some good finds. (I plan to blog about them later this week.) We were only out for about an hour each time, because I didn't want to overdo it with Evelyn coughing and all.

All of the new furniture and sheets for our bedroom got delivered at some point over the last week. New nightstands, a bed-frame (to finally get our mattress/box-springs off the bedroom floor), and new sheets to go with the quilt we got as a wedding present. Both Saturday and Sunday we put that stuff together. Evelyn of course wanted to be right in the middle of the action so it was a slow going process. Nick did most of the work while I wrangled Evelyn and kept her away from all the little pieces. I feel like we are grown-ups for really now. Our bed is now so high I have to climb up into it. Sometime I'll post some pictures of the changes.

We didn't go to church Sunday morning, because I didn't want Evelyn to get the other kiddos sick in the nursery. So we got laundry done and tried to be productive. Which meant we played video games and somehow managed to get our laundry done. I'm ok with that though, because we need to just decompress and spend time together before our crazy week/weekend ahead of us.

I don't know that I'll be very active on the blog this week. We are leaving Thursday after Nick gets off of work to go to Michigan. My oldest niece and nephew are graduating from high school. All of my sister's and my parents are going. We won't actually make it up there for the graduation, but we'll be up there for their party and to hang-out for the rest of the weekend.

This will be our first big road trip with Evelyn. Twelve hours in the car! We're driving through the night on the way there. So hopefully she'll sleep the whole way and we can stay awake. Please be praying for us; that we would have a safe trip and that Evelyn would do well traveling. Also be praying that our car would make it there and back in one piece. We're not worried about it, but it doesn't hurt to be praying for it either.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

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