Monday, May 14, 2012

My "1st" Mother's Day

So yesterday was my "1st" mother's day. Technically I was a mother last mother's day,  but I was just a few months pregnant at that point. We still didn't know if Evelyn was an Evelyn or a Callum. (the boy name we had picked out.) So this is my first mother's day actually having the joy of taking care of a little one.

I had requested that we have a lazy day just hanging-out after we went to church in the morning. I had just one thing I wanted; donuts and an iced coffee from McDonald's. Both of which are my obsession at the moment. My wonderful hubby got up early to go get us breakfast. It was delicious.

2 donuts! Large sugar-free vanilla iced coffee! Egg casserole! Yum!

After breakfast we got ready and headed to church. It was a good sermon on Hannah's prayer for a child in 1 Samuel. There were some baby dedications and a spotlight video about the children's ministry. Little Evelyn made it into the video where they showed the little babies! She was smiley and cute like she always is.
The rest of the day was spent just being together. We went to a local park and walked around. Since it was such beautful weather the park was packed. Then we came home and grilled steak for dinner. Which is my favorite! 

My 2 Necklaces.

I didn't get any presents really. I bought myself some necklaces and since I splurged and bought 4 I just told Nick to count that as my mother's day gift. Two of the necklaces I bought from Laura over at Bits of Splendor. I love her shop.{here} I also bought necklaces for both Nick's mom & my mom from her.

Necklaces for our moms.

My other two necklaces I bought from VeryJane. They were a really good price. I got lucky and they look great with that "Love" necklace from Laura's shop.

All in all it was a great day. Restful, just like I needed. 

bits of splendor monday



  1. What a cutie pie! Sounds like it was wonderful!

  2. Sounds like your Mothers Day was awesome!! xoxo

  3. cute necklaces! Happy late Mothers Day!

  4. Aw! LOVE to see you wearing the peony! Looks so great on you. So happy you love your necklaces and hope your mom's do too!

    Glad your Mothers Day was a good one!