Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Evelyn,
You're too cute! I have a feeling you are going to have daddy wrapped even tighter around your finger as you grow up. He can't wait till you can talk. I can tell how much he loves it when you repeat Da-da back to him. I'm already resolved that you are going to like him more. 

Dear Nick, 
I know that these drill weekends really wear you down. You can do it! At least on Sat. & Sun. you get to be home by 4:30! I wish we got a really weekend, but it will make the next weekend that much sweeter. 

Dear Black Beans & Rice,
Thank you so much for turning out so well last night! Since I was just winging it I was worried you wouldn't taste the best. You're flavor was great, but the ratio of rice to beans was a little off. That can be easily fixed the next time though. 

Dear Mom,
Thank you so much for watching Evelyn tomorrow so that I can go to a baby shower. Hopefully she won't be a total pill and take at least a little nap for you. I really appreciate all that you do for us! 




  1. ohh cute little munchkin!!!!

    p.s. hey, im grabbing your button!

  2. Love my mom for watching Landon too! I will miss her so much when we move in June :(