Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Safe & Sound

After 14 hours in the car yesterday we finally made it home! Evelyn did alright, she was pretty tired of being in her carseat for the last few hours and fussed quite a bit. But we are home and made it here safe, that's all that matters.

I plan to have a big post about our weekend with lots of pictures. It will have to wait till later this week though, because my house it a disaster zone right now. How is it that I can get everything super clean before we leave and then we get home, bring all our stuff back inside and the house looks like such a mess? I won't even mention the cat fuzzies everywhere, because I missed two of my vacuuming days.

So today I will be doing some much needed laundry, cleaning up, vacuuming said cat fuzzies and trying to make it to the grocery store, because we literally have eggs and bread and that's about it. Exciting huh?!

I hope you all had wonderful Memorial Day weekends! I can't wait to get sometime to sit and catch up on all your blogs.

Happy Monday Tuesday Everyone!


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