Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Years Down, Many More To Go

Yesterday was Nick and I's 3 year anniversary. Three years since I married my best friend.

Nick and I have both grown so much in the last three years. We've also both realized where we still need growth. It's a continual journey letting God take the lead. At first I'd say we struggled to keep God at the center of our marriage. We still do sometimes. It's easy to loose focus, but it's definitely something we're actively striving for. More now then ever before we're trying to be representing marriage the way it was meant to be represented; as an earthly display of Christ's covenant relationship with His church.

I could sit here and paint a of picture of our lives just being blissful these first few years, but that wouldn't be the reality of it. Marriage is hard. Everyday is a constant learning experience, because everyday you both are changing. We have had our rough patches, but by God's grace and provision we've worked through them. I realize how blessed we have been.

Even with the hard times I wouldn't change a thing. This is just preparing us for the inevitable hard times that will come.

I love Nick so much. Much more now then I did when we were married, if that's even possible. I'm excited to spend many more years with him as my husband.

To celebrate we just had dinner together at home. It's too late by the time Nick gets home from work to try and orchestrate a dinner out. We're hoping while we're in Michigan visiting my sister we can get away one night for dinner by ourselves. We put Evelyn to sleep early and then made some dessert.

Then Nick gave me this!
The picture doesn't do it justice and it's kinda blurry. I'll try to get a better pic sometime.
I knew I was getting it, because I helped pic it out. (That's how I prefer gifts anyways.) It's a dark blue sapphire. I've never been one for jewelry and most especially diamonds. And since we were young and not that financially stable my wedding ring before this one was just a simple silver ring. (More specifically, It was a Turkish puzzle ring.) I love it, it's simple yet beautiful. Nick had always wanted to buy me something more, but I had assured him I didn't want it. I still love my other ring, I plan to wear it on my right hand, but I love this one too. 

After Nick gave me the ring we headed to bed, because we were both exhausted. All in all it was a nice night. It was quiet, but that's just what our lives are like right now.

Now I'll leave you with some of our songs.

Hope you are having a wonderful week. It's almost the weekend again!

This is the song my bridesmaid and I walked down the aisle to. Nick and I have always considered it our song. I Love Mr.A-Z!

If we would have had a more traditional reception with dancing and such (Nick can't really dance so we opted out of that) I think this would have been our first dance.



  1. Liza, these photos are beautiful! I love your short wedding dress. :-) I'm excited to celebrate my first wedding anniversary in a week. It's so great looking back over what we've learned and how God has provided for us.

    1. Thanks! Being short I knew a longer dress wouldn't look quite right on me, especially since I didn't want to be in huge heels all day.

      Happy Anniversary! (a little early) I feel like the first few years (not that I have much experience yet) all feel like a huge accomplishment and milestone. Maybe that's what it feels like every year, I don't know.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I think the ring is beautiful. You might want to have the other one stretched a little so it's not too small for your right hand. You saw how observant I was, didn't even notice the change!! I do have a card for you!!! I'll get it to you soon.