Monday, July 2, 2012

Date From The Jar #2

If you'd like to catch up, I posted about initially making our date jar {here} and I posted about our first date {here}.

Our second date just kind of fell into our laps. At the end of May, Nick enter his name in a drawing for baseball tickets at work. We were excited he won. So we decided to use it as one of our date nights since we had Saltdogs Game in the jar. Instead of the Saltdogs (Lincoln's minor league team) though we went up to Papillion and saw the Omaha Stormchasers, which is the KC Royals AAA team.

Nick won 4 tickets so that made this date a "group" date. It wasn't a double date, because the two friends who joined us weren't in a relationship or even knew each other before the night. I invited my friend Deborah who is usually away at school in Chicago, but home for the summer. Then we also invited Nick and I's good friend Tony, who is living in Omaha for the summer before heading to Purdue for graduate school in the fall. It was good company for a fun night.

.It was so hot! There wasn't a breeze at all. Thankfully it was overcast otherwise it would have been even worse. At least our seats were pretty awesome. Ninth row just to the left of home plate. I think these were the best seats I've ever had at a baseball game. That almost makes up for the heat and humidity.

Tony & Nick
The game started off kind of slow, but it picked up and got more fun to watch. After the first inning we were afraid that the Stormchasers weren't going to do very well, but they quickly turned it around. There was a lot of action. Lots of crazy hits, lots of stealing bases and lots of errors leading to awesome runs. I even think Nick was quite entertained, which is saying a lot, because he's not much of a baseball fan.

There was a lot of tasty food and drinks. I forgot to get a picture of our food, but we had burgers and chili cheese fries. Then later we shared a funnel cake. Funnel cakes are just like warm donuts so I of course had to have one! We had beers at the start of the game and then found out they had a Mexican food booth that was selling margaritas. Naturally Nick and I had to share one. It was pretty tasty and much stronger than I thought it was going to be. (That's why we shared.)

Deborah & I
We only stayed till 9:30, because we had to get home and pick up Evelyn from my parents' house. We left at the end of the 6th inning. So we at least got to see the majority of the action.

It was such a fun time that Nick is going to put his name in for tickets in August too. If we get tickets again we think we're just going to bring Evelyn with us next time, as long as it's not too hot. It was nice to be away from her for a night, but I also think she would have fun.

Have any of you been to any baseball games this summer? What's your favorite food to get at a sporting event?

Have a good Monday everyone!

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  1. How cute! I LOVE the date jar idea! So going to have to do that with my Hubby. :)

    1. Thanks Mindy! I found the idea on Pinterest. I just tweaked it a little. You and your hubby should defiantly try it, it's a lot of fun.

      Hope your Monday is going well!

  2. this is so so awesome and so good for you guys, and you are gorgeous! i know i've told you that before but you are just glowing!

  3. how fun! you have the most gorgeous eyes!

    1. Thanks Yuli! Hope you are having a good week!