Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Date From The Jar #1

Like I said on Monday's post, we did our first date from our date jar Sunday night. If you missed my post about making the date night jar you can find it {here}. I didn't end up getting many pictures from the night, but I at least got a couple of the food. Which that's all that really matters anyways!

Everything started with picking our first date/stick. The whole point was to pull a stick at random based on the color coding to have our date for the night. We decided on one of the light pink sticks, which are in the $15-$40 range with a little planning. Before picking a stick I thought it would be fun if I got the Trader Joe's meal. Low and behold that's the one my fingers found.

The Trader Joe's International Meal was my idea. It mostly stemming from the gluttony I have for all the different foods Trader Joe's has. Nick of course thought it was a great idea, because he loves to eat Trader Joe's food just as much as I do.

Last Wednesday we packed up Evelyn and headed out to Trader Joe's after dinner to pick out our meal. Even though it was right after dinner I was getting hungry just looking at all our opinions. We decided on pork potstickers for our appitizer, Indian food (pretty much super tasty TV dinners) including our favorite garlic naan for our main course and an Italian tiramisu torte for dessert. We topped it off with good old Shock Top Lemon Shandy. (We had to have something american!) Having to wait from Wednesday night to Sunday night knowing all of this was in my freezer was pure torture!

On Sunday night we put Evelyn to bed a little early, which wasn't hard because we had been swimming earlier in the afternoon. We heated up our food and headed downstairs to watch Rango. If you haven't seen that movie you should. It's the first animated movie in a long time I've watched by choice.

All in all it was a good little date. Only one hitch though. Notice how there isn't a picture on the tiramisu torte? Well someone *cough* me *cough* didn't read the directions very well. I didn't realize it was suppose to stay frozen and only thaw for at most 2 hours. I read it as it should thaw for at least 2 hours. Big difference there. It was a soupy mess so we decided forgo on it entirely. Oh well! It didn't ruin our night, even if it did really frustrate me at the time.

Now I'm excited for our next date night. We already have it set up. It's going to be with a couple of our friends. You'll have to wait 2 weeks to hear about it though. Don't let the anticipation kill you!

Have you and your special someone gone on any fun dates lately?


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