Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Date Night Jar

I felt like my hubby and I needed to put more effort into doing special date nights. For just the two of us. Either Evelyn would be with a sitter or already in bed for the night. Ever since having a baby we've been on 3 dates just the two of us. (I'm even counting the one time his mom watched Evelyn while we grocery shopped.)

I was kind of at a lose as to how to really getting us to do it though.

Then I found something on pinterest.

I'm not usually one to get all crafty and such. I won't spend a bunch of money on craft supplies. So I don't spend much time pursuing things on pinterest that take any sort of crafting. But then a friend pinned this page {here}.

I thought this idea was too cute. Also relatively simple, which was a must. And I could tweak it and use items I already had lying around the house.

The main idea is to have a jar filled with different date ideas. The ideas are color coded to denote price and the amount of planning entailed. When you want to go on or plan a date night you pick and stick and it takes a lot of the thinking out of it.

Here's what my "date night jar" looks like.

My "jar" is an empty crystal light container. One of the new ones where the 2qt mix comes in a little pouch instead of the old cup things. I just removed the label and put on some scrapbook paper I had left over from making valentine's earlier this year. Don't mind my terrible handwriting. It isn't one of my strengths.

Now the blog I got the idea from used painted tongue depressors. I wanted to do this whole project in an afternoon so I instead just used markers and colored the end of the tongue depressor. (Seen below.) I used 3 different colors and then had a plain one. Red is my expensive and takes lots of planning. Dark Pink (It looks the same as the light pink in my picture.) is my $40-$60 range with moderate planning. Light Pink is the $20-$40 range with little planning. Last but not least the plain sticks have less than $15 date nights with little to no planning, most of which are at home dates.

I made enough sticks that we can do 2 a month for an entire year. That's the plan anyways. Some of the red ones might not all get done in one year.

We already have our two sticks picked out for this month and have the nights planned that we're going to do them. I'm hoping to blog about each night as we do them. Maybe get some pictures, but I wouldn't count on it.

I'm excited!

What are some ways you and your hubby make sure to spend quality time with each other? And who is usually the one to plan it?



  1. Love this idea!

    1. It's sooo easy! The hardest part was coming up with the date nights. My hubby helped me brainstorm once I couldn't think of anymore.