Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

So it's been crazy around here. Friday was a terrible day so I didn't end up getting a Friday's Letters post put together. I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, but here I am back at it.

Playing before church.
Nick had a pretty good Father's Day. (I'm not just saying that either, he told me it was good.) Since he already knew what he was getting I didn't bother wrapping it up. Plus who has enough wrapping paper to wrap up a weed eater! So After Evelyn got up in the morning I had her hand Nick his card.

By the way finding a nice card that isn't cheesy is a hard task!

I made Nick his favorite for breakfast. French Toast! I'm not a huge fan, but he likes it. So we had omelets, french toast and coffee for breakfast. Then we met a good friend of mine at church and listened to a wonderful sermon about Jesus staying behind in the temple when he was 12. We came home and Nick went and got us his favorite Chinese food from Hy-vee for lunch.

Right after lunch we got ready and headed to the pool. This was Evelyn's 2nd time swimming, but her first time swimming outside. She loved it! We didn't stay much longer than and hour, but it was fun.

We gave Evelyn an early dinner and got her to bed a little earlier than usual so that we could have dinner by ourselves. We did one of our at home date from our date night jar. I'll post about that specifically later this week.

Nick "sharing" his sucker that they handed out to the Dads at church.
It was a nice day filled with things Nick wanted to do. He's the best daddy ever and he deserved it!

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  1. Date jar! need to hear more for sure!

    looks like special little family day! so sweet.