Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A "Brief" Catch-Up

I have resurfaced. If you have e-mailed me or commented on previous posts and I haven't responded, so sorry. I'm going to try to catch up on all of that today. Oh and I really try to respond to all comments, but if you have it set so that your e-mail is a no-reply address I can't respond to you via e-mail. If you'd like to change your settings just e-mail me or comment here and I'll respond as soon as I can. I try my hardest to respond to all of you. So if you haven't been getting e-mail responses I've been responding just on that actual blog post. You won't get notified when I do that though, so you just have to check back periodically.

Now back to my post.

So I'm going to give you a little glimpse into my life over the last 5 days. Well starting on Thursday afternoon our internet started acting weird. This was extremely frustrating, because we just got a new cable modem 3 weeks ago. When my hubby got home Thursday night he called our internet provider to try to get some answers out of them. They told us to get a new cable modem. Either they could bring us one or we could go get it at their office. So we decided that Nick would take care of it on Saturday.

Somehow I managed to get out a Friday's Letters post on Friday morning after that the internet completely disappeared. All the while Evelyn was being extremely fussy. I fed her breakfast and tried to keep her happy, but that wasn't happening. Then her fever spiked! She's never had much of a fever before, so this was the first time I could just feel her and know her temperature was high. It ended up being 100.3. Not too high, but still high enough to warrant some baby tylenol.

At least now, with the discovery of a fever, Evelyn's fussiness was a little more explained. I called Nick and we figured it was just her teething. Her upper eye teeth have been periodically giving her grief for the last 2 months. It was seeming as though they were going to finally break through. We talked to the doctor just to make sure and they said as long as her fever stayed below 103 it's probably just teething.

I tried to keep Evelyn happy, but it wasn't going very well. I was at the end of my rope by 10am. Nick decided to come home at lunch to help out and run some errands that desperately needed to be done.

Nick decided to stop by our internet providers office to pick up a new modem while he ran out and ran some errands for me. Upon coming home he tried hooking up that modem thinking that would fix our internet problems. Nope! So upon further investigation Nick discovered that our cable connection was completely disconnected from the utility pole out back. So that meant calling them again and trying to get someone out here to fix it.

Our internet provider is apparently super busy, because they told Nick that they couldn't get someone out here to fix it till Wednesday. As in tomorrow Wednesday. Nick complained and they supposedly pushed up the priority of our job and said someone would call within 24 hours to come fix it.

Saturday morning Evelyn still had a mild fever, so we gave her some more medicine and it went away quickly. Thankfully it never came back either. Her mood seemed to be better too.

Well 24 hours since Nick talked to the internet people came and went. We decided to give them some more time before calling again.

Well Sunday morning came and we slept in too late and decided since Evelyn had a fever the previous morning we shouldn't take her to church just in case she's sick. She was doing much better though and back to her old self.

Nick gave the internet people another call that afternoon. Well the short version they basically lied to us when they said that our job got moved to a higher priority. They tried to tell us again that we just needed a new modem. So Nick explained how our cable line was just hanging off the utility pole. This time they actually raised the priority of our job and said someone would call within 24 hours.

Monday morning Evelyn woke up with a runny nose. By the afternoon her nose was always needing to be wiped and she had a cough to go along with it. So pretty much she went from teething to her first real cold. Not very fun for her or her momma.

Thankfully the internet people called around lunch time to set up a time frame for coming to fix things. They were actually 30 minutes early. Yet they told us they couldn't fit us in till Wednesday originally?! At least now our internet is fixed.

That was a long post, but it's been a long weekend. Now I need to put my little one down for a nap and catch-up on some e-mails.


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