Friday, August 3, 2012

This Week

So I have been completely uninspired to blog this week. I think I tried to once, but I'm pretty sure I only got about 2 sentences in before deleting it all and moving on. Well I at least have made it past 2 sentences!

Since nothing exciting is happening around here I thought I'd just give you look into what has been going on around her. Some of our favorites of the week if you will.

Our favorite breakfast has been pancakes. Last weekend I may or may not have gone to McDonald's and bought Evelyn and I some hotcakes instead of going to the grocery store to buy eggs. When I finally made it to the grocery store Monday I made sure to pick up some pancake mixes. Both Evelyn and I have had pancakes at least 4 times in the last week. She loves them, I love them, so it's a win win.

My favorite thing getting me through this past week has been my iced coffee. Every morning I have iced coffee with vanilla soy milk. Then every afternoon I have another glass. I love iced coffee so much that I will even drink it in the winter time! It's just what I need to get me through the long hot days we've been having.

My favorite attire for the week has been comfy work out clothes and a no-fuss hairstyle. I love waking up hanging-out in my pjs till Evelyn's nap time then getting dressed in something simple. Today I actually got dressed before Evelyn's nap so we could go for a walk before it got hot outside. Let's not talk about how that is the only time that's happened this whole week.

That would be Evelyn's favorite face at the moment. It's utterly adorable and she does it all the time. Most of the time it's just cause she's being silly. Sometimes though it's because she's whining. Either way I always end up laughing, it's just too cute.

This has been my favorite place to sit this week. I've needed some much needed lazy time. So while Evelyn has been napping this week I've been wasting some of that time on the internet. I've always amazed at how long I can be on the computer yet really never accomplish anything. That's why I don't try to make a habit of spending too much time there, but sometimes I need to shut my mind off for awhile.

This is always Evelyn & I's favorite time of time. We love when Daddy is finally home from work. There are only 7 more days left in his 19 day work "week". We can't wait till we have him home for a whole weekend.

I hope you all are doing well.
What are some of your favorite things right now?
Have a great weekend!


  1. my littlest and I have been loving pancakes almost every morning the past few weeks! i didnt get out of my pajamas yesterday and I am not ashamed :) we need lazy days sometimes! some of my fave things this week: olympics, my littlest walking 15 steps, a day date with my firefighter, my chocolate cake cupcakes, and embroidering. much love! have a beautiful weekend too!

  2. fun all around, her loving pancakes and that face! cute pics of where and what you've been up too, I love that picture of you, and that last one of her and daddy!

  3. how adorable is she?! I love pancakes too... so I think I am inviting myself over... okay :) hahaha

    My GFC has been weird, but it let me follow you through it using my twitter... who knew you could do that?! Love it :)