Monday, July 19, 2010

A Need To Be Thankful

On Saturday Nick and I found out that his mom was finally making plans for us to go to Mexico after Christmas. She had been saying that she wanted to take us and his sister on a vacation, but she wasn't making any plans.

I got super excited at first. I've never been to mexico and I have never been out of the country for a vacation, only missions trips.

Yesterday she sent us a link to the hotel we're gonna be staying at. Upon reading the reviews I was getting really confused as to why she choose this place. I kept reading the reviews this morning and just really didn't even want to go anymore at some points.

Then it hit me. I'm being extremely ungrateful. Instead of looking at the fact that we're getting to travel with his family without having to take on the expenses of the trip I'm nitpicking about what 1/3 of the reviewers that say it's not worth it. I need to just focus on the positive and the fact that we are getting to go and thanking God for the experience.

So goodbye complaining and ungratefulness and hello positivity and thankfulness!

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