Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day Two: Missing Mommy And Daddy

Yesterday started out not too bad. Drew woke up around 7:50 and then her mom and dad called to talk. Well she drank a whole cup of water and then we headed to the Farmer's Market to meet my parents while Nick headed to work at the Y. Well when we got to the Farmer's Market I got Drew a chocolate milk. She drank her milk way too fast and filled her tummy up and consequently ended up throwing up her chocolate milk all over my mom. She was fine and never got sick again or even acted sick. But it kinda put a damper on the morning.

After that though we came home and waited for Nick to get off work. Since she wasn't acting sick we went grocery shopping after Nick got back and then went and bought some fireworks. Drew had tons of fun picking stuff out. She tried to get us to buy a big one that cost about $60 and we had to tell her it was way too expensive.

She kept saying some really funny things. For instance she came right up to Nick and said, "Nick, I like your face. Can we take a picture?" I found that absolutely adorable. And then she was singing along with the song "Hey Soul Sister" by Train. She was singing the chorus and said "Hey Soul Sister, I'm a mister." Nick and I both got a kick out of that.

Well after dinner we went to my parents house and watched their neighbors shot off fireworks. Drew even shot off a couple of ours. She was getting tired though so we didn't stay out too late. Tonight will be a late night though. But since her cousins will be there hopefully she'll be in a good mood. We'll see.

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