Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Six: It's Over

Yesterday was my last day watching Drew. Her parents got back late last night so she spent the night at my parents house.

I took Drew with me in the morning to play with the kids I nanny on Wednesdays. She knows them because my boss works with my sister at a hair salon, so she was super happy to get to play with the kids.

Drew stayed until about 2. That's when my mom came and picked her up.

It was nice to have Drew with me at work, because that way she could play with the 4 year old girl and I only had to monitor them and keep the 2 year old boy happy. Which was a nice break after 5 days of entertaining and watching Drew.

I'm happy to be back at my own home and be spending my time as I would like to. I'm exhausted even though I spent in till 10:30 this morning. I felt so lazy for doing that! I'm honestly even a little happy to have some time to myself this weekend while Nick has drill.

I was happy to get to spend some time with Drew though. Hopefully we'll get to spend time with her again soon!

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