Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Five: All Day Just Me And Drew

Today it's just Drew and I.

We went to Panera with my parents and got some breakfast. Then we shopped for awhile. I bought some new shirts and some new swim suit bottoms. I also got Nick some pants and a sweater because they were on sale.

After shopping Drew and I stopped by our house so that I could feed the kitties and get my pictures in their frames. The new frames will look great once we can get them hung.

Now Drew is sleeping and I'm getting things done like cleaning and doing dishes. Since I have to work all day tomorrow I'm trying to get all the stuff picked up today so that Nick and I just have to stop by tomorrow night to get our stuff.

My sister and her husband are getting back tomorrow really late. So Drew is spending the night at my parents so that they won't disturb her when they get home. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night.

We're gonna paint some sun-catchers when Drew wakes up. So I'd better get to finishing cleaning...too bad I'm exhausted!

Here are a couple pictures from painting sun catchers!

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