Monday, March 5, 2012

My Man!

Regardless of how clique it's sounds my hubby is honestly my best friend. We both honestly would love to spend every moment of everyday together. That of course is not realistic, but we would love it all the same.

It kills me when he has drill (He's in the Air National Guard) weekends. It means 12 straight days of only seeing him for a few short awake hours each day. Add in the stress of having a very needy 4 month old and I start to get worn down.

See I have this tendency to become depressed. I went through a really dark time through high school (I plan to blog about it sometime.) where depression ruled over me. I used proud to say that I hadn't been plagued with a season of depression for over 3 years, but then I had my daughter. While my depression isn't all encompassing or even a daily struggle right now, that doesn't mean that on the days it does strikes it's any easier to deal with. (More on that some other time.)

My hubby though is like a ray of sunshine in my life. He has this way of getting me to smile and encouraging me like no other person can. He pulls me out of those lows and helps me to see God even when He feels so far off. That's why drill weekends are hard, because weekends are what I look forward to. Not only is my hubby home all day, but we get to go worship God at our wonderful church on Sunday. My two favorite things!

Thankfully today my hubby took the day off work! He needed a break from work & he knew I needed a break from the baby. So he took the day off to be with us! I'm so thankful for this time with him!

Oh & we're gonna drop the little one off at grandma's & go have lunch just the two of us! I can't wait!
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  1. so glad you've got a hubby to cheer you up. mine does that for me, too! 4 months old....that's the age where they may be teething, not sleeping a lot, and eating a TON. hang in there, it gets easier in a lot of ways! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks! That's what everyone keeps telling me. I'm trying to hang in there!