Monday, February 27, 2012

Starting Off This Week Right!

My goal this week is to make sure I'm striving to choose JOY!

I've really been struggling lately with being joyful. I could give a million reasons as to why, but I honestly know that they are all just excuses. It just seems to be that once you let that tiny bit of discontentment in it takes over like a parasite robbing you of all joy that surrounds you. I've been letting that tiny parasite of discontentment run wild in my heart and I'm ready to make a change.

I don't exactly know how I'm going to get all of this discontentment gone. But that first step is just to choose joy.

So today in order to start my week of right and to make sure I'm choosing joy; I am going to list 10 things I'm thankful for right now. I'm going to make it a point to choose somewhat mundane things, because frankly my life is a bit mundane and I need to strive to see all the wonderfulness that is hiding in the ordinary if I'm going to rid myself of my discontentment.

Here it goes!

1. Coffee! I love coffee. Always have and always will. I couldn't even bare to give it up while I was pregnant. I just cut myself back to one cup a day. I even have gotten my coffee hating husband addicted. I think that had more to do with his lack of energy after being up all night with a crying baby than it did me, but oh well!

2. The Nursery at Church! I was so nervous the first time we took Evelyn to the nursery at church. (It was about a month ago.) We hadn't been to church since I had given birth and it was taking it's toll on me. I knew that Evelyn wouldn't make it through the service with us though so I was dreading going back. Finally we just did it, we made the decision to go and we put her in the nursery figuring that if she does horrible at least we tried. Oh believe me I just stared at the little sign that flashed the numbers of the kids who need their parents the whole service. I don't even think I listen to one word of that first sermon, because I was so nervous that my little baby was just screaming without me. I was totally wrong though. Evelyn loves the nursery! She does better for them than she does for me! (I'm just chalking that up to there being enough distractions there.) So I love that nursery and I love that I'm able to worship God while my little one is having fun with all the sweets women in there.

3. My Dishwasher! This is kind of an odd think to be so thankful for, but I said I want to focus more on the mundane. Seriously though what would we do without dishwashers! I don't know if I would ever have a clean kitchen if we didn't have a dishwasher. (It's hardly ever clean now & we do have one!) Dishwashers are wonderful inventions. And husbands who are willing to help out with the dishes on the weekends are true blessings from God!

4. My Washer & Dyer! I thought I'd just keep this appliance kick going! When you are doing laundry every other day it's a live saver to have a machine that does everything for you. I can't imagine having to wash everything by hand & then find some place to dry it all. Laundry is time consuming enough, but if we didn't have washers and dryers I don't know what I would do!

5. Cloth Diapering! We made the choice to cloth diaper mostly for the budget friendly factor. Honestly though I'm loving our cloth diapers more then the disposables we use on occasion. I have only had a cloth diaper leak once or twice; I can't say the same for the disposables. It has ended up being much easier then I anticipated, which is always a plus.

6. My Mom! My mom has been nothing but a blessing in my life. Now that I have a little one the fact that she lives a mere 5 minutes away has been a sanity saver on more then one occasion. She is always willing to take Evelyn for me so I can run to a store and she always lets us come over and hang-out when I just need to get out of the house. She has been someone I've always looked up to. Her relationship with God has always been one I've envied and striven to have myself. I love my mom!

7. Pinterest! So I'm a little addicted. I admit it! I mostly just use it for recipes and other meal ideas. I could spend hours just browsing other people's boards. I don't, but I could. (Maybe I do sometimes...)

8. Nap Time! Nap time has been hit or miss lately. (Today though it's been an almost 3 hour morning nap! I can't believe it.) Oh but do I love nap time. I'm just so thankful for the down time to pray/read my bible or just get somethings done. (Like showers!) I just wish I could be more joyful when nap time is a no go...

9. Hot Showers! I love taking hot showers. I could be in there forever! I just love every moment of them. I'm so lucky that if I can't get a shower in while Evelyn is napping she doesn't protest to being on the floor of the bathroom for 10-15 minutes while I get clean.

10. My Little Family! I am so thankful for my little family. My dear friend gave me a wall hanging for Evelyn's room or my birthday last year. (I was 7 months pregnant at the time) It has 1 Samuel 1:27 on it. Which says, "I have prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I have asked of Him." (NIV) It's very fitting. I'm not only thankful for my beautiful daughter, but also my wonderful hubby. God has blessing me with both of them and I couldn't be more grateful.

Well there you have it! It's Monday and I'm choosing to be JOYFUL!
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  1. What a beautiful post and idea! I might have to steal this from you ;) Discontentment is something I feel like I'm constantly battling. Focusing on those ten things is such a wonderful idea! You've totally inspired me :)

    And coffee...omg coffee! I'm so addicted it's embarassing. But not. Because I love it so much I don't care :) Whenever I get pregnant someday I don't know if I'll be able to give it up!

    Hope you're having a great Monday! I'm following you now!