Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stuck In Bed

So I'm not feeling the best. I started to not feel that great Thursday morning. I work up with a sore throat and tried to ignore it. Then it turned into a stuffy nose that made it hard to sleep Thursday night.

Friday morning I was starting to feel better. Still stuffy, but I didn't "feel" sick. I'm afraid I over exerted myself though. For one thing I stressed myself out by driving to Omaha with Briana to shop. I really don't like driving in Omaha. The people drive too fast and follow too closely and I don't know the city well enough to feel comfortable. We shopped from 11:30-3:30 and it was tons of fun. I only had an hour at home with my husband to eat dinner and get ready to go to First Fridays downtown. (First Fridays is when on the first Friday of ever month all of the art studios and galleries in downtown Lincoln are open to the public. It's a lot of fun) First we started at our friend Spenser's showing at the UNL student union. Then we made our way to our friend's studio opening.

That is when we should have called it a night, but we didn't. Instead we went to our friend Trevor's 21st birthday party. We only went out with them till midnight. But honestly I was starting to feel sick again by 10:30. We got home went straight to bed and I knew that waking up the next morning was gonna stink.

I got up for work yesterday morning at 7:30. Leaving me about 45 minutes to pull myself together. I barely made it through work. I tried to be energetic and excited, but honestly I was only thinking about getting off work, going home, crawling into bed and cuddling up with Nick's laptop.

So that is what I did all afternoon yesterday. I'm still here now. At least today I feel like I have a bit more energy then yesterday. I can also breath better than yesterday. I'm just hoping I feel much better by the time I have to be to work tomorrow afternoon.

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