Thursday, April 14, 2011

News Flash!

So I've been pretty absent for awhile. Mostly it's been because I've been not wanting to tell the blogging world something that has taken captive of my whole life. A couple of time I tried to write without mentioning anything, but found I had absolutely nothing to say. Like I said this has completely taken captive of my entire life!

So here it goes. Here's the big NEWS FLASH.....


So there it is. It's off my chest and it feels great! Yesterday was the start of my 2nd Trimester being pregnant so I'm ready to let the blogging world know now. Hopefully this will mean I will be a little bit better about blogging more often. But I can honestly say that till at least October I will only really talk about being pregnant and then after October I will probably only talk about my baby. Just so you're forewarned.

Baby May 7 weeks 5 days

Our little jelly bean is due October 19th. So far I've had a pretty easy pregnancy. Besides being extremely tired and occasionally nauseated my first trimester was pretty carefree. I'm starting to get some energy back and my stomach muscles now can't hold in my pooch so I look like I'm showing, but I'm not really yet. I'm pretty elated!

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