Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby Weight...Ugh!

At first I was super happy with how quickly all my baby weight came off. Not to mention very happy that all my puffiness was gone. I was someone who looked bloated the whole time I was pregnant. I'm talking slight double chin and everything. Now though I'm really starting to realize that weight is just a number. I feel (and look, at least in my opinion.) super out of shape.

As of now I weigh less then I did when I got pregnant. I have Christmas last year & a January trip to Mexico with free drinks (Hello free pina colada!) to thank for the extra 10 pounds I was carrying when I got pregnant. And while I was never really an "in shape" person (I've always hated working out.) before pregnancy, I didn't feel like I looked completely out of shape either.

Maybe it's all my old insecurities coming back (I struggled with crash dieting as a teen, to the point that long time I was eating one or less meals a day.) or maybe it's just hard to adjust to my post pregnancy body. Whatever it is I would really like to start making and effort, no matter how small, to start working out.

So I'm gonna try to work out at least 3 times a week. I'm also going to try to eat better. More like I ate with my gestational diabetes, because lately the leftover Christmas treats have been killing me. I'm gonna be more focused on the working out less focused on the food, because that's healthier for me. I'm planning to use the blog as a means of accountability. I plan to blog each day I work out, even if it's only to say what I did.

Well here goes it! We'll see how long this lasts...

25 min. walk around the neighborhood with Evelyn in the stroller. I was right I'm out of shape!

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