Monday, December 26, 2011

We Did It!

Well we made it through out super busy Christmas weekend! Also it didn't go too bad. God had some mercy on us and allowed for the curse of the fussy evenings to be lifted for at least the weekend. Maybe we just made it through that stage, but I kind of doubt it.

Here are a few pictures from our first Christmas morning as our little family! Please ignore my pj's and general lack of caring what I look like at 7 in the morning.

Evelyn wasn't all that impressed by presents. Next year should be different. At least by then she will be impressed by unwrapping things and playing with boxes. That's a step up from this year!

A couple of things I've learned this first Christmas with a kid of my own.

1) We will never have to buy our kids toys. Everyone one in our family will take care of that. Evelyn already has more toys then she could ever want and she doesn't even play with any of them yet.

2) I need to be 10x's better about taking pictures! I never have been that good about taking pictures, but now that we have a kid I would really like to have the events of her life documented.

3) That being said about the picture taking, make sure you take those pictures early! Otherwise the brand new onesie that cost way to much money will only get worn once before being ruined by an explosive diaper! (Still crossing my fingers and hoping I can get the stain out. I'm trying my darnedest.)

4) You will completely miss your child after spending a family filled weekend with them. I don't think I held Evelyn for more than 5 minutes (not counting when I was nursing) the whole weekend.

5) Exhausting weekends lead to exhausted babies. While exhausted babies can be a pill to get to fall asleep, once they are out they're out for a long time. Got 7 hours Saturday night! No complaining here!

Now I will leave you will a completely adorable picture of Evelyn & her cousin Drew! (The only one I got of her in her adorable Christmas tutu.)


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