Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Time is Here!

Last Sunday (the 14th) I convinced Nick to let me put up all of our Christmas decorations. I had been hounding him to let me for at least a week prior. He finally gave in if I promised to do it myself and he could just watch. I didn't care if he wasn't helping I wanted them up!

So needless to say I spent he whole afternoon put up the decorations. I'm so loving having them up though! I just love Christmas decorations.

Our bedroom decorations. (Sorry it's dark)

Straight on view of the bedroom decor.

On the desk.

Our Dinning Room Table

Stocking Holders

Stockings hung not on the fireplace, but the bookshelves.

View of the tree and the coffee table.

Now the tree was quite a fiasco last year. We only had it in our living room for one day, because the cats were constantly knocking it down. This year we used some bricks rubber-banded to the tree base to help stabilize it. So far it's working. I've only had to reattach some branches that the cats knocked down while trying to climb it. The only thing is we have no decorations on it yet, just lights. We are gonna wait till Christmas Eve to put up decorations in the hopes that they won't get played with too much. So right now our tree looks pretty plain, but it's ok.

The tree without decorations.

Overall I think our house looks great! I love having new decorations up and since I don't have the money to change my decor all the time different seasons are a nice excuse. I'll make sure to upload some pictures when we actually get the tree decorated.

It's so nice to start feeling the happiness of Christmas even if it's only the week of Thanksgiving.

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