Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Perks of Summer

I'm so happy Nick has the luxury of having only half days on Fridays. Since I don't normally work Friday afternoons it means we get to have a long weekend every weekend his doesn't have Air National Guard Drill. If I didn't work Saturday mornings it would almost make it feel like a holiday weekend.

Yesterday for the 2nd Friday in a row Nick and I headed to the lake around lunch time to enjoy the day. It's was nice. 93 degrees and sunny, only draw back was there was lots of wind.

The wind made it interesting to try to float on our rafts. We had to drag our rafts all the way to one end of the swimming area. Then swim them out to the buoys and begin our leisurely but quick float to the other end of the swimming area. That float was also not so smooth, because the water was kind of choppy from the wind.

All in all though it was a good time. And always bring food out to the lake always helps. Yesterday we had brought sandwiches, sun chips (garden salsa flavor, which is our favorite!), grapes and animal cookies. I couldn't help but get the animal cookies, they were on sale and the same kind my mom bought me when I was a little girl.

We didn't stay out at the lake too long. I felt like I was getting sunburned. But I had a great time. Maybe we'll go out there again with my niece that we're babysitting next weekend. That'd be fun!

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