Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Evelyn's 1st Birthday Party

Get ready for a lot of pictures!

This last Saturday we had Evelyn's 1st Birthday party. We just had a small party at home with mostly family and a few close friends. It was a pretty fun day. Evelyn got spoiled with lots of toys that make noise, which is a new thing for her, because we have been holding off on letting her have anything noisy for our own sanity.

Evelyn with her big Hippo that we gave her.

All the decor was based around a tablecloth that I got at a garage sale. (It's the one on the dessert table)  I made all the the desserts. We had cupcakes, dipped oreos and rice krispies. Everything else I bought at Sam's Club.

Evelyn wasn't so sure about everyone singing happy birthday to her and instead of trying to blow out her candle she tried to grab it. However she loved getting to eat a cupcake. She didn't let any of it go to waste. This wasn't her first time having cake, but it was her first time having frosting. Boy did she love it!

Evelyn has been all about her new toys. She hasn't played with anything else all weekend. She uses that ladybug racer (right) to get up onto furniture though, so I have to be on constant watch.

All in all it was a really good party. I think I over did it on the food, because we had quite a bit left over. Oh well, I'll know better for next time. The whole process exhausted me though! All I've wanted to do is sleep. Thankfully Nick had yesterday off so he helped get things back to normal around here, whatever that means.

Does your family have any special traditions for birthdays? I'd love to hear about them.

Hope you had a good weekend and that your week is starting off well!



  1. My dad always puts together what he calls "party tricks" where he pays for you to eat or drink things and then the birthday person gets the money. Like a tablespoon of mustard or koolaid with no sugar and things like that...the little kids totally get a kick out of it!

    1. That sounds like fun!

      Hope you are having a good week!

  2. Oh my how cute! and fun!! Yay happy Birthday!

  3. Aw, happy birthday!! Evelyn is so adorable (and that hippo looks like he's saying, "Don't mess with my kid!")

  4. Oh how cute!!! Looks it was so much fun :) Happy Birthday Evelyn!

  5. She looks so cute and I love those decorations!!!!

    I want to start fun traditions with our little fsmily. its always been important to me to celebrate things. I love making the ppl I love feel extra special. (: