Thursday, September 27, 2012

Evelyn's 1st Causality

Well you can now award me the best mom award, because I officially rock!

If you couldn't tell that previous sentence is dripping with sarcasm!

Yesterday was a trying day for this momma. The morning was fine then Evelyn woke up from her morning nap. I was letting her play in the living room while I finished up something on the computer.

To tell you the truth I was probably just being lazy on the computer and not doing anything of consequence. Therein lies the root of the problem, but back to the story.

Now it's not as though the computer is far from the living room, because technically it's in the living room. So I was able to keep a decent eye on Evelyn or so I thought. She wasn't but ten feet away from me playing with her toys; I thought.

I started to hear some banging. I glanced over it seemed like nothing. Then I heard a louder bang I turned around and the lamp in the living room was precariously leaning against the window. I bolted up from my chair and ran to the lamp, but I was too late. About half way there it crashed to ground and the glass shade shattered into a million pieces ranging from bigger than my hand to as small as a pin head.

In less than 30 seconds our beautiful lamp went from this:

To this:

Believe me that picture does not give justice to how big of a mess it actually was. Thankfully Evelyn was fine so I put her in the highchair with something to drink and got to cleaning things up. After picking up all the big pieces I got out the vacuum and attempted to get all the tiny pieces. Unfortunately our vacuum doesn't work the best anymore so I was still finding little pieces after going over everything with a vacuum more than 5 times. I think I have it all cleaned up now though.

So it looks like we'll be looking for a new lamp sometime soon. We have another one in our dinning room area so that one will have to do for now. At least we got a long life out of that lamp. I think we've had it since we got married. It served us well.

In totally unrelated news we're having Chili and Cinnamon Rolls for dinner! Eating chili with cinnamon rolls is a Nebraska thing. I have yet to meet someone who eats them together who isn't from Nebraska or at least spent sometime in Nebraska. But I could never have chili without cinnamon rolls, it's just a must.

Have you ever had chili with cinnamon rolls? Or even heard of doing so?

It's Thursday everyone! One more day and then it's the weekend! Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Wow chili with cinnamon rolls.... that sounds delicious, although I could never get my husband to try it!

  2. Oh no! So so so relieved no one was in harms way, poor lamp:(