Thursday, December 9, 2010


Today I have tons that I need to get done, but I'm lacking the motivation to even start. Days like these drive me nuts!

I'm a doer. I love having a list of accomplishments that need to be finished before Nick gets home from work or before I have to leave for work. I love checking things off the list and seeing it grow smaller and smaller. I love being able to get everything done and having enough time to do something just for me, like play bass, play piano or watch some mindless reality show on the computer.

I have a God given gifts of loving organization (and being able to accomplish it) and loving housework. Every once and awhile though I just can't seem to be motivated to even begin checking things off my list. Some days I just want to be lazy and no do a single thing but toddle around on the internet, maybe watch a movie or blog about my thoughts.

I don't know why sometimes the first step in starting my day seems so big. I think this month the lack of motivation has to do with the craziness of the season. Every weekend from now until well after Christmas is jam packed with things to do. This weekend we have a Christmas concert Friday night, Christmas in Norfolk, NE Saturday afternoon, a friend wants to go out Saturday night and then church on Sunday. After last weekend being a Drill weekend for Nick it would have been nice if this weekend wasn't so busy.

I guess I'll just start with the most important thing, my time with God, and see if I can rustle up any motivation from that. Here goes nothing!

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