Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Days

So adult snow days aren't nearly as fun as snow days when you're a kid.

Honestly I've only had one real snow day as a kid and it was actually a whole week off due to a massive snow storm in late October that left a lot of people without power for that whole week. (This was during my brief public school stint in 4th grade.) Being home schooled I didn't really get snow days, but my mom would at least let me take a break from school work so that I could play with my neighborhood friends.

One thing we always did on snowy days was bake. Sometimes it would be something sweet and tasty or it would just be a loaf of homemade bread. Regardless I now associate snow days with baking. So having to cut back on baking due to my gestational diabetes has not been fun this winter.

I gave in today and made some pumpkin cookies. (I'll try to share the recipe sometime soon) They are so delicious and fluffy. Now I just have to keep myself from overindulging. Which isn't easy, because this recipe makes about 6 dozen cookies! So if anyone would like any tasty pumpkin cookies come on over! I've got plenty to share!

What are some of they things you ladies like to do on snowy cold days when you're stuck indoors?

Now I've babbled on quite long enough without really saying anything. Hope you all are doing well!


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